Mohegan Sun Girls’ Weekend Part 2

I am a list maker.

A compulsive list maker, really.

I always have lists of things to do, goals I want to achieve, things I want to bake, blog ideas, a wish list, coupons I need to redeem, and so on. When I go on vacation, I research a ton of stuff in advance, then make a list of places to visit, restaurants to try, shops to incur credit card debt with, etc etc. I make a packing list, a gift list, I even make a list (a spreadsheet, actually) of my vacation outfits, which I mix and match with accessories (also included in the list). I like to think of my list-making as an art.

When Beth and I were finalizing our plans to spend three days at Mohegan Sun, of course I made a list of things I wanted to do: go to the gym, get a massage, have a bubble bath, try one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants, sleep in during the weekend, have a nice leisurely brunch, spend some quiet time reading. I know those aren’t things that one associates with a casino, but those are the things I associate with vacation, and I was looking at our girls’ trip as a mini-vacation. Thankfully, I was able to do all those things, and we were able to eat at not just one, but both of Mr. Flay’s restaurants.

For the second half of my Mohegan Sun Girls’ Weekend recap, I wanted to make another list of things I really loved during our trip.  I already wrote about some of my experiences (wanting a 2,000 lb pet, seeing a blue lobster and Nemo, and eating a fallen chocolate cake) but here are some of the other highlights from my weekend in Mystic and Uncasville, CT, in a Top Five list.

Five Things I Loved About My Weekend at Mohegan Sun

1) Riding a Stretch Limo for the First Time

I’ve been in a lot of really nice cars, and I even take Uber pretty often, but it was my first time being in a stretch limo! Mohegan Sun arranged for a limo to take us to the Mystic Aquarium and back, and it was a luxurious experience – made especially fun by our limo mates, Maria and Caitlin.

2) Hot Caramel Apple Cider at Mystic Beanery

Beth and I checked out Olde Mistick Village with Kim, one of the PR Associates at Mohegan Sun, and as soon as we saw the sign at Mystic Beanery for hot caramel apple cider, I knew I wanted a cup. It tastes exactly how it sounds, and it was a lovely little treat for the cool, brisk weather that day.

3) Bobby Flay’s Chipotle Ketchup

We checked out Bobby’s Burger Palace for lunch and while the fries and burger were really good (I actually ended up getting the burger on top of a salad but it didn’t look very photogenic – that picture above is Beth’s burger), it was the chipotle ketchup that stole our hearts. We slathered our burgers with it, and I liked the chipotle mayo that came with the fries, too.

4) Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain

Every single thing we tried at Bar Americain was incredible. It’s hard not to compare it to Tuscany, which is one of the other fine dining options at Mohegan Sun.  The dining experience we had at Tuscany was different, particularly because our big, food-loving group of bloggers were in a private room. At Bar Americain, Beth and I were seated side by side in one of those semi-circle banquet couches, and the whole place was pretty quiet (it was early Sunday evening). But in terms of the food, I definitely prefer Bar Americain.

If any of you are planning a trip to Mohegan Sun, I highly recommend dining at Bar Americain and trying one (or all) of these:  bread basket with savory corn bread fingers, shrimp and grits, cauliflower and goat cheese gratin (CAULIFLOWER AND GOAT CHEESE GRATIN!), blackened prime rib, and pistachio creme brulee.

5) The Gym, The Spa, and The King Sized Bed

The entire third floor of the hotel comprises the gym (where we banged out some HIIT workouts) and the spa (where we had Swedish massages). I wish every weekend workout could be followed by a muscle-soothing massage, but in real life I can’t afford that, so it felt extra special.

And at night, it also felt extra special to retreat back into our rooms.  I loved my entire room at Mohegan Sun, particularly the plush king sized bed with the soft pillows and crisp linen. It was yet another one of those pleasant surprises (who would think that a casino hotel would have the most luxurious beds, when most people who go there hardly sleep anyway?) but I was in dreamland after the wild nights we had at the casino. One of the best things about vacation, even mini-vacations,  is feeling refreshed and recharged afterwards, and that’s exactly how I felt after the weekend.

Big thanks again to Mohegan Sun for the generous invite and the wonderful weekend! Mohegan Sun is now on my list of Top Places to Go for a Girls’ Trip.

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Are you a list maker, too? What’s the last list you made?


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