Banana-Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Is there anything better than banana-chocolate chip pancakes for brunch? Lately, the boyfriend and I have been on a pancakes and eggs for weekend brunch mode – he makes the pancakes and I make the eggs. And while I have written about, and am proud of, my scrambled eggs, they take a backseat every time they are paired with those sweet, fluffy, chocolate-y banana pancakes.


Photo from Martha Stewart

In the last few weeks, I have had restaurant-made and homemade banana-chocolate chip pancakes; of course, the homemade ones taste so much better, especially because I can add as much chocolate chips as I want. A couple of weeks ago, the boyfriend made them using whole wheat pancake batter, soft mushy banana slices and sweet chocolate chip morsels. We ate them with scrambled eggs with salsa and cheddar cheese, and some slices of turkey bacon. Last week, we had them again; this time, he used a buttermilk pancake mix, just-ripe-enough banana slices and semi-sweet chocolate chips. We ate them with scrambled eggs and cheese again, and some breakfast sausage patties. (I prefer the whole wheat version better, but I’m not complaining.) This is definitely not the healthiest breakfast choice – even if I stick to just one pancake (one that’s brimming with chocolate chips hehe) – but it is one of my favorite brunch items of all time.

The other day, I was craving banana-chocolate chip pancakes but it was a weekday and I didn’t have time to prepare them. So I went to Starbucks and settled for the next best thing: the reduced-fat banana-chocolate chip coffee cake.  It hit the spot, but I still like the pancakes better.

Jack Johnson had it right when he sang “I’ll make you banana pancakes. Pretend like it’s the weekend now…” The weekend may be over and those pancakes are making me look forward to the next weekend again.


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