My Love for All Things Ube

This is an excerpt from my first blog post for BOSFilipinos, which I co-founded and recently launched with two of my friends. Our mission is to help elevate Filipino culture, starting with the Greater Boston area.

I started very young. My love for all things ube began with the luscious ube halaya (ube jam) that my great aunt Lola Conch would make at home. I would wait impatiently for hours as she prepped and cooked then simmered, stirred, and stirred some more. As soon as the jam was ready, still hot from the oven, and oozed with bright yellow mantequilla (butter), I happily lapped it up, savoring each thick, sweet spoonful.

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    Honey @ The Girl Next Shore posted July 13, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    What a beautiful post, Bianca! And I absolutely love ube, too! I’ve had quite a number of friends here as well try it and they adored it (albeit strange).

    Now I’m craving ube macapuno cake!!!

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