Lemon Basil Granita and a Food Blogging Class

lemon basil granita

I don’t know about you guys but I’m not ready to let go of summer yet. I’m not ready to start busting out pumpkin and butternut squash recipes. I’m not ready start my morning runs while it’s still dark out, and speaking of dark, I’m not ready to dye my hair darker and get rid of my blonde highlights, either. I want to drag out the happiest season of the year, and with the help of this Lemon Basil Granita, I think I could. (PS – it’s going into my mouth, not into my hair.)

This is a lovely refreshing treat, and it’s light and healthy, too.

And by light and healthy, I don’t mean this in a “hey it has zucchini and carrots? it’s a salad” or “it has oatmeal and almond butter? let’s eat it for breakfast” or “it’s mini? let’s roll the sides in bacon” kinda way.

This is LEGIT.

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