Vietnamese Coffee Granita

vietnamese coffee granita

I’m not exactly a big coffee drinker. I’m not one of those people who need coffee every morning to start their day or to wake up (and if we know each other in real life, you must know that I don’t need any extra help in being extra perky in the mornings). But I do like coffee ice cream. And tiramisu. And mochas. And iced vanilla lattes. Basically sweet and creamy stuff that border on dessert. Mmm-mmm.

Lately I’ve been noticing Vietnamese coffee being offered in coffee shops and bakeries, and I realized it’s basically just regular coffee sweetened with condensed milk. This is something that one of my sisters love to do (we’re a family of condensed milk fans), and I wasted no time in making that my default order at my local cafe.

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scallion cheddar biscuits

Drop biscuits are so-called because just you scoop them up from the bowl and drop them straight to the baking pan, and once they are cooled I drop them straight into my mouth.