Osaka, Japan

osaka castle

After going to Kyoto and Tokyo in 2014, I vowed to go back to Japan. The food, the culture, the impeccable train system, I was enamored by all of it. I was lucky enough to be back last month on another family vacation, but this time felt even more special because Matt is now part of our family.

We went to Osaka, one of the premiere food destinations in Japan. I read that the people of Osaka spend more money on food than anything else, and that their food culture is characterized by the term “kuidaore” which roughly translates to eat oneself bankrupt. Most people also commonly refer to it to mean: eat until  you drop. Osaka sounds exactly like my kind of place.

nutty chocolate bars
February 6, 2017

Nutty Chocolate Bars

There's creamy milk chocolate, Nutella (NUTELLA!), slivered almond, buttery pecans, brown rice crisps, some sea salt, and a knob of butter to round it all together. There's a lot of smooth creamy flavors and...


I relished every minute with family and friends, ate everything I've been craving and more, and had the time of life. Plus, lechon.

carrot cake smoothie

I believe in balance and in indulging in life's little pleasures, and with these recipes, you can do both. These breakfast recipes are all healthy and chock full of nutrition, but also taste incredible....

December 31, 2016

2016: A Year in Review

Dear 2016, Let’s be honest: many people consider you the worst year in a very long time. Almost everyone say they are sick of you. It’s true there has been some horrible things that happened...


Perfect if you like a good fudgy brownie base. Perfect if you like smooth and creamy peanut butter. Perfect if you like a little crunch (no, make that a lot of CRUNCH!) because the...

king crab waypoint
November 14, 2016

Boston Favorites, Lately

What a week this past one has been! The sombering results of the presidential elections has devastated everyone, including myself, but — there are glimpses of hope and unity if we choose to see...


The resulting cake is pure comfort, tender with soft apples and crunchy pecans, topped with sticky sweet and salty caramel, and plump apple slices. And because it has a lot of fruit, you'll also...

October 11, 2016

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

I used pumpkin cream cheese from one of go-to bagel shops, Bruegger's, which lent a slightly sweet flavor and velvety mouth-feel to the soup. I balanced it with plenty of spice, from cayenne pepper...