Girls Night = Pasta Night

Girls Night always ends up becoming food night when I’m with my girls and last night it was pasta night! I was planning on making my mom’s fettuccini but decided not to because I didn’t want to recreate it and fail hehe. Plus, I will leave it to my mom to create that magic herself. Instead, I used it as inspiration for my own version. I used whole wheat rigatoni, cocktail shrimp, spicy Italian sausage (casings removed), lean thick-cut bacon, asparagus, fresh white mushrooms, lots of grape tomatoes, and garlic of course. I then topped it with some reduced fat feta cheese, and shaved Parmesan cheese. It turned out to be very yummy (according to my girls too! I’m not just biased! haha), and tasted lighter (almost like a pasta toss with TONS of meat. Hah!). Here’s a close-up shot which makes me proud:

For appetizers, we had mushroom turn-overs (thanks to Trader Joe’s), and Baked Lays (can’t have Girls Night without junk food haha). And for dessert, Val’s amazing home made cookies: triple chocolate, chocolate chip, and sugar cookies. After she described the flavors, I asked “who will eat the sugar cookies??” because they do look a little plain compared to the chocolate varieties. Turns out the answer is, me, because I just had to try all varieties. Thank God they were small, two bite-sized cookies heehee. Sabs brought a great red wine, and Val and Denise brought a great white wine. I had to try both “varieties” too and ended up having two glasses – of each. So yeah, Girls Night was a success (we ended up talking till almost midnight). Great food, great company.  Thanks girls! Let’s do this again soon!


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