Holiday Madness? Holiday Cheer!

Oops I did it again: went AWOL for a month.  And usually I will blame my crazy work schedule (and it has been crazy lately, really) but in all honesty I’ve been too lazy to amp up my blogging mojo.  But there’s just no escaping it – I keep having these random urges to blog but unfortunately, those urges usually come when I’m not in front of a computer. Hmm maybe it’s time for an iPhone? heehee.

Anyway, Thanksgiving flew by and I did my annual Things I’m Thankful For List.  I know, I know, another list, and one that’s being done by every other TypeA person out there.  But don’t knock it till you try it baby.  There is something so heartwarming and serene about actually jotting down the things and the people and the events that you are thankful for (in my case, the list is VERY LONG but on top sits my family, the boyfriend, loving friends, good health, stable job, and many, many, many happy memories).

And now, it’s almost time for my super-dooper, ultimate, very favorite holiday of all time: CHRISTMAS!! And yes, I’ve already started to feel and participate in the madness (shopping, holiday parties, work deadlines to plan for 2009, frantic schedules, etc) but I am very excited to see and experience all the things I love about December: Christmas songs, Christmas decor (I have a mini Christmas stocking hanging on my door all throughout the year), Christmas lights all over the city, wrapping presents, and most importantly, spending time with my loved ones.

I know everyone has the tendency to get caught up in the holiday rush but let’s not forget the Reasons for The Season, as Oprah says.  And maybe this isn’t my most eloquent post, but I just wanted to do a quick check-up and wish that everyone is starting off their December right.

Happy holidays!

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