Sugar Rush 2014 at Harvest

molly hanson chevre cheesecake

How often do you think about having dessert for dinner?

If you’re me, you think about it pretty regularly. Like, often. Maybe a few times a week? Okay fine everyday.

I rarely act on it though. Usually, I put on my adult (yoga) pants and eat dinner with a vegetable. Like a good blogger, I try to plan my meals in advance so I’ll have something quick and easy and healthy for dinner. Like a real blogger, most of the time that ends up being cereal. Or eggs. Or avocado toast. #breakfastfordinner

But last week, I was able to use the hashtag #dessertfordinner for real. You guys, I went to an event where we had five (FIVE!!) courses of DESSERT for DINNER.

And not just that, but it came with wine pairings. So like a wine-loving blogger, I dutifully downed five glasses of wine on a weeknight.

The event I attended is called Sugar Rush, hosted this year by my favorite pastry chef Brian Mercury of Harvest. It’s a five-course dessert tasting menu from some of the city’s most talented pastry chefs. This was a dream dinner for me, and I brought along one of my friends who adores food and desserts as much as I do. Here’s what we had that night:

First course: Chevre Cheesecake by Molly Hanson of Grill 23 & Post 390 (pictured above)
Wine pairing: Pierre Sparr, Brut Rose, Cremant d-Alsace, France NV

This was a fantastic way to start the evening. It was beautifully plated and and of course I appreciate a good chevre cheesecake ( goat cheese cheescake). It had a nice tang from the goat cheese and wasn’t too sweet, which was perfect since we still had four courses of dessert to go. I also liked the apple confit beside the cheesecake, making me think of the bounty of fall desserts that I will eat in the coming months.

peaches and cream jaime davis

Second course: Peaches & Cream by Jaime Davis of Deuxave
Wine pairing: Tami, Grillo, Terre Siciliane, Siracusa, Sicily 2013

Jaime Davis hosted Sugar Rush last year when she was still working at No. 9 Park and let me tell you, this girl knows her stuff. I’ve never tasted anything like this dessert, with the poppy seed cake, fresh and pickled pieces, lemon verbana ice cream, and candied poppy seeds – which were kinda addicting. Even more addicting was the dulcey cremeux. Dulcey is a type of blond chocolate, almost like caramelized white chocolate, which I really adore. I wanted more of that dulcey cream.

raspberry and coconut monica glass

Third course: Raspberry & Coconut by Monica Glass of Clio
Wine pairing: Chateau Ste. Michelle, Late Harvest Chenin Blanc WA 2006

I was so excited for this dessert because it included a kalamansi and raspberry yuzu sorbet. Kalamansi is a Philippine lime, and I love everything that reminds me of home. My anticipation was well-rewarded because this was my favorite course of the evening! I liked all the textures and flavors, especially the mochi-like squares. This was a gluten-free dessert, by the way. I also really liked the chenin blanc wine pairing, which was sweet and refreshing.

taza espelette and mint brian mercury

Fourth course: Taza, Espelette & Mint by Brian Mercury of Harvest
Wine pairing: Tempranillo Blend, Telmo Rodruguez, LZ Rioja, Spain 2011

So maybe I have two favorite dishes out of five, but can you blame me? This is a smaller, spicier (The spice was from espelette pepper) version of the famous Taza Chocolate Cremeux – which I think is the best chocolate dessert to order on a romantic date night out… or you know, on a random Monday night. It also came with a creamy fresh mint ice cream, olive oil caramel and vanilla olive oil powder (yes, powder).

manjari chocolate giselle miller

Fifth course: 64% Manjari Chocolate & Licorice Ganache by Giselle Miller of Liquid Art House
Wine pairing: Marenco, Pineto, Branchetto d’Acqui, Piedmont, Italy 2011

The Liquid Art House is a new gallery-restaurant and fittingly, this dessert was worthy of an art exhibit. I couldn’t get enough of the glass-like shards of candy, and even though I’m not a fan of licorice, I like the pairing of chocolate and cherry and hazelnuts. This last course also had the best wine in my opinion, a sparkling brachetto d’acqui. In fact my friend Val and I decided that we will be hunting down this exact wine and ordering a case to share between us.

I had a lovely time at Sugar Rush and I’ll be on the lookout for the event again next year! Thank you so much to the team at Harvest for the complimentary tickets. I have more than satisfied my cravings for dessert for dinner.


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