Exclusive Invite

I’m reverting back to my shopaholic ways and I think I may have found the ultimate drug:

I love all exclusive sales, but more than that I love really great brands (at amazing prices). I’m already a member of a few members-only shopping sites but I just discovered Ideeli a couple of months ago and

What is ideeli™?

ideeli is an invitation-only shopping community which  creates daily online events providing members with the ideal shopping experience: privileged access to the most sought-after brands and products, often at privileged prices. Members love it not only for the great products and prices.  Brands participate because ideeli shopping events allow them to convey their brand story and value to affluent and aspirational women who are interested and paying attention.

Yesterday (and today), Ideeli has Miss Sixty and Alexis Hudson – among other brands, but I currently have two items on my wish list from those brands:

Miss Sixty JESSICA (wine)

Alexis Hudson WHISTLER FOLDOVER (navy)

Aren’t they gorgeous?? Anyway, before I get carried away, I wanted to share something amazing with you, my dear readers (I know you guys are out there heehee). If you want to become a member of Ideeli, I have an exclusive URL for you to join and shop!

Just for the readers of Confessions of a Chocoholic, my friends, and family (hi Mom!), you can use this URL to become a member:

Happy shopping!


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