Easy, Tasty, Healty

Three words I think of when I’m preparing weekday lunches and snacks.

One of my favorite go-to snacks is a homemade trailmix. At the start of each week, I usually prepare a few of packages of my trail mix, put them in little ziploc baggies, and keep them in the fridge – then it’s grab and go whenever I need a filling yet flavorful snack.

I mix 1 tablespoon walnuts, 1 tablespoon dried cranberries, and 1 tablespoon dark chocolate chips. This serving would be roughly 200 calories (I cheat a little and use big, heaping tablespoons).

Walnuts have omega-3 fatty acids; dried cranberries, in spite of having added sugar, are still made from real fruit and thus a good source of fiber (the Craisins brand is fat-free and cholesterol-free); and we all know the benefits of dark chocolate: it is good and good for you!

Easy, Tasty, Healthy.

Enjoy the 3-day weekend, everyone!


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