Welcome to Confessions of a Chocoholic!

I’m Bianca. I’m an advertising professional by day, food blogger by night (and weekends). I like to run, travel, spend quality time with my husband Matt, and I’m constantly thinking about dessert. Welcome to my blog.

Here I write about my favorite eats, my family, being Filipino, and other life musings. It’s equal parts memoir, recipe collection, restaurant review database, and travel diary. 

I moved to Boston from the Philippines in 2004 (that’s chicken adobo up there, because adobo is pretty much synonymous with being Filipino.) Back then I barely knew how to cook. I had to Google how to boil an egg! But I’ve always loved to eat, and I’ve always loved to write, and eventually I learned how to cook and marry that with my love of telling stories, and so this blog was born.

Now I whip up easy recipes: indulgent pasta dishes, party appetizers, homemade ice cream, healthy meals, layer cakes, brownies (so much brownies). I recreate dishes from my travels, and then bake more brownies. I still don’t consider myself a pro in the kitchen, so my recipes are simple and non-fussy.

I share my travel adventures, too. I’ve been very lucky to be able to experience some incredible destinations all over the world: Tokyo, Barcelona, Lisbon, Rome, Stockholm, and many more. I’ve visited different cities across the United States – Seattle, Chicago, Asheville, Charleston, New Orleans to name a few – and ate all the best treats. And of course, I keep coming back to Manila.

Sometimes I write about my favorite restaurants, too. Lately I’ve been doing capsule reviews, but I do post more on Instagram.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog! If you’d like to contact me or work together, you can comment on any of the posts or send me an email.

Special thanks to Matt for being my #1 taste tester, and for patiently waiting for me to take all the pictures before eating.

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