My Top 5 Dessert Awards in Boston

harvest taza cremeuxI just wrote a guest post on the Taste Trekker Food & Travel Blog – here’s an excerpt:

Here’s the truth: I always have a really hard time when people ask me what my favorite restaurant dessert is in Boston.  It’s tough. I imagine it’s how parents feel when they’re asked to pick their favorite child, or how Sarah Jessica Parker feels when she’s asked to pick her favorite shoe. (Except you don’t eat children nor shoes, so maybe it’s not really exactly the same.)

Two years ago I tried really hard and wrote down my list of Top Five Desserts in Boston and Cambridge, and while I still stand by that list, unfortunately a couple of them are not on the menu anymore.  So I figured it’s time for an update, and this time I’m giving out awards.

To read the entire article, please visit the Taste Trekkers Blog.

(And to give you a little preview, that beauty above is the Taza Chocolate Cremuex from Harvest Restaurant.)


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