Hot Yoga

Getting hot, hot, hot.

Bikram yoga is a style of yoga practiced in a VERY hot room (105 F to be precise). It’s a far cry from the chant-filled, slow-moving yoga class that once literally put me to sleep (yes, right there on the floor – and I was at the front row too. And yes, that shamed me into not coming into that yoga class again). Instead, Bikram yoga is a very challenging workout that gets my heart pumping and has me sweating like I’ve never sweated before.

I just got back into doing hot yoga again a month or so ago, and after just a few sessions I can already feel the benefits: I feel calmer, cleaner, stronger and more flexible. I go to the Bikram Yoga studio in Harvard Square, but I know there are a lot of other yoga studios that offer bikram and other kinds of hot yoga (my friends go to Baptiste and Prana).

I’m defintely a big fan now, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to spice up their regular workouts or do something good for their bodies. However I must warn all first-timers that the heat is INTENSE and it makes holding the seemingly simple poses a little harder. And also, make sure to drink lots of water before and after the session. Last week I came to class a little dehydrated and I almost passed out. Thank God I didn’t and so I was able to avoid another embarassing yoga-related incident (see note on me falling asleep). Now I learned my lesson and I come properly-hydrated as I happily pant my way through the postures.

photo from Bikram Yoga website


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