Refueling After Yoga

With all the holiday eating lately (heehee) I’ve been trying to amp up my workout routine, specifically by doing muscle conditioning classes, running, and lots of bikram yoga. I love hot yoga and I noticed the more often I do it, the better I feel. Through the years I’ve gotten better at listening to my body: knowing when to push harder, when to give myself a break, and discovering the best foods to eat before and after yoga. The best pre-yoga snacks for me are light, protein-filled snacks, like Larabars, cheese and fruit, or yogurt (Berryline fro-yo counts! hah). As for post-yoga snacks, I’m usually dead tired and not in the mood for any kind of food BUT I do have intense cravings for… chemicals electrolytes. Specifically, orange-flavored Vitamin Water or Gatorade.


Aahhhh the sweet, refreshing taste of “enhanced water”

I’ve been trying to go the natural and organic and good-for-you route (aka what would Michael Pollan eat?) as much as I can, but sometimes you just gotta give in to the “bad stuff” – besides, I like reading the funny labels on Vitamin Water bottles. And, I don’t finish the whole bottle (because it says “2 servings”) heehee.  But chemical-filled or not, drinking this cold, unnatural beverage after a hot and sweaty 90-minute session of hot yoga is pure bliss.

Pure bliss that I might go for the remaining half of that bottle in my fridge…

I hope everyone is having a nice, stress-free, love-filled holiday season! 10 days before Christmas!


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