What To Do With Local Yellow and Green Beans

What do you do when you have an over-abundance of beautiful yellow and green beans from your local farmers market? When you’ve already made one of your latest salad obsession twice in a week; when you’re not in the mood to look up fancy recipes; when you really want to eat your veggies but what you’re really craving for are some salty fries?

Why, you make Green Bean Fries, of course.

Well technically, you make Yellow and Green Bean Fries.

During my weekly visit at the Charles Square Farmers Market, I bought a bunch of these pretty yellow and green beans from Kimball Fruit Stand. Last night, as I was settling down to catch up on all my DVR shows, I started craving for some easy-to-nibble finger foods. But I was also craving for something healthy, especially after all the chocolate I’ve been eating. Finger food that’s healthy? That’s when inspiration came to me: why not make some roasted vegetable fries?? It was rainy and cold anyway, the perfect night for some roasted veggie action. Visions of  crispy, roasted green beans started dancing in my head.

I immediately got to work:

yellow and green beans

prep your beans: rinse, then cut the ends off

toss beans

toss the yellow and green beans with some olive oil, salt, pepper and chili flakes

roasted beans

roast at 450 degrees for about 40 minutes, until brown and crispy

How easy was that? Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is when a flash of brilliance hit me. I just made green bean fries – and in all honesty, I don’t even like french fries that much. But trufle fries? That’s another story. It’s hard for me to say no to those. And I remembered the little jars of truffle butter that I smuggled from bought in Tuscany…. So I shaved some delicate curls of truffle butter (just a little tiny bit, that’s all you need because the truffle flavor is so strong) and tada! I had Healthy Trufle Fries:

truffle fries

oh yeah

I dipped these in ketchup mixed with Sriracha. Then I had fries for dinner. If you haven’t tried roasted green beans yet, you should. Soon.

This post is for the Loving Local Blogathon at Our Grandmother’s Kitchen. Living Local is celebrating the flavors of Massachusetts and is a fundraiser for Mass Farmers Markets.

What’s an easy meal you pieced together from your farmers market finds?


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