Apartment Makeover

Well, my apartment make-over is almost complete – although at this point I have to say that it will be the most complete it could be, due to monetary restrictions (I still plan on getting a new couch, and updating my bedroom, but all is good for now). I am very happy with my “new” apartment! I did a lot of research and online shopping, and A LOT of purging and throwing away old stuff. Now my apartment feels so much cleaner and more spacious and organized, and I feel so at home! Check out some of the before and after pics!

My old study nook used to feel really heavy and clunky, and I had no desire to keep it organized. I also never used that purple couch in the corner and it just gathered dust:

My new study nook is much more organized and space-efficient! I still want to paint the side table white, and get some colorful knick-knacks for the actual desk, but I really like this Sloane desk from Crate and Barrel:

This is what you used to see as soon as you enter my apartment. I love the coziness of my place, but there was so much clutter!

Now I feel like there is much more space after I moved the futon against the far wall (good thing my friends GP and Steve were here when I decided to move it) and the dining area against the other wall. And thanks to some cool storage solutions, there is no clutter anymore! Woohoo!

Like I said, it’s not perfect and there’s still a lot of upgrades that I still want to do, but I’m pretty happy with what I have right now. Anyway, this used to be The Corner of my apartment (again, very messy):

I will never get rid of my moom’s beautiful iron bookcase, but I did get rid of a lot of old stuff and organized everything I have. So now I have all my favorite books and other things neatly on display: (hi Oprah on TV!)

Take note of the mosaic Welcome pad on the floor (thanks again to Mommy) which I tried to use to conceal a mess of wires… heehee

Let’s move on to my last set of pics (I’ll post more again next time if I do more upgrades) – this used to my cramped and colorful dining area. I called it my college look:

And now, I feel like a grown up with a proper dining table and chairs! (Thank you Daddy. And thank you, Target). It feels infinitely nicer to eat here:

The nice autumnal (to borrow my friend Meryl’s favorite word) flower arrangement was made by the students of Perkins. I was there last week to volunteer for the Taste of Perkins event and these were used as centerpieces and then generously given to us afterwards as souvenirs.

That’s it for now! I know I became a bit obsessed with the whole apartment make-over but now I am so proud and happy and loving my apartment more than ever. Special thanks to Sabs and Den B for the support (heehee), to Everett for helping me carry home some of my stuff, and of course to the boyfriend who assembled all the new furniture and who endured endures all my craziness.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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