Project Runway is Back!

Finally, something to watch every week! My DVR has been in dire need of good entertaining shows, and I am very happy that Project Runway Season 5 premiered last night (on Bravo every Wednesday night at 9 pm EST).

Heidi Klum looks as FIERCE as ever.

And the contestant all look promising, character-wise and fun-wise. Definitely Blayne wins for branding himself already (addicted to tanning, “girlicious”) but I didn’t like his dress/onesie at all.  My favorite last night was the blue cup dress by Daniel. We’ll see as the season goes who I’ll end up liking the most!

And last but now least, Tim Gunn. How I would love to have him as my own personal fashion mentor. I heart Tim Gunn.

I can’t wait for the next episode!

PS – I wonder if Heidi met me, would she also pronounce my name as Bianca Gahrr-SEE-yah…


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