Silk Cord Wrap Bracelet

I’ve been enamored with bracelets lately. Don’t get me wrong, I love jewelry of all kinds but lately I’m loving fun, colorful bracelets and bangles. A few months ago, my mom and I went to the Antique Fair at the SOWA Open Market and I bought my first antique bracelets! Two lovely cord bracelets, one Hermes-orange, and the other eggplant-violet, both with a bronze-y Peace charm. I’ve been wearing them together with the antique looking bangle with a “B” charm that I got at Henri Bendel’s, and I’m definitely digging the hippie, layered-look vibe.

Anyway, today I was checking on my usual online shopping, members-only haunts (Ruelala, Gilt, Haute Group, Ideeli, and Portero) and I saw the there is a Jami Rodriguez sale at Ideeli. I immediately wanted to buy the cord wrap bracelets but unfortunately, the color I want wasn’t available/for sale. I really, really want this:

The Purple Sweetie Pie Wrap, made of 100% pure silk cord, assorted charms, with gold chain woven in. It can be worn as a necklace or a wrapped bracelet. It is available at the Jami Rodriquez Jewelry site but for the full price of $150 – and right now I can only afford the sales price hehe.

I’ll wait for the next sale (or the next payday). What’s on your fashion wish list? Share them with me! Hope everyone’s having a good week!


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