St. Germain Strawberry Mojitos

I am a lucky girl indeed. Not only is the boyfriend sweet and warm and manly, but he is also a great cook and makes THE BEST drinks (if he ever decides to change careers to become a chef/bartender, I’ll support him 110%). A few weeks ago, we were at the East Coast Grill and he ordered one of their special cocktails.  I forgot what it’s called but we asked the server what was in it so we can try re-creating it ourselves. Cut to that weekend, and the boyfriend steamed some lobsters (with melted butter for dipping of course) and made those drinks which I will assume are some version of Strawberry Mojitos. I am approximating everything but these are pretty much all the ingredients that my boyfriend used to make our drinks:

– one part St. Germain (which gives it that refreshing sweet taste)

– one part gin (we used Bombay Saphhire)

– muddled/chopped strawberries (about 3 big ones per drink)

– muddled/chopped mint leaves (about 1 teaspoon after muddling/chopping)

And that’s it! Tip: Use crushed ice (somehow makes the drink better instead of regular cubed ice), then give it a loving stir, and enjoy! Pretty simple huh? It is a very summery drink and pairs perfectly with seafood – definitely one of my favorites.


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