Recipes That Are 140 Characters Or Less

Thanks to Twitter, I have easy access to simple recipes from some of my favorite chefs, celebrities and magazines.

I follow hundreds of people on Twitter, and two of my favorite TV personalities, Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray, both tweet recipes (among other things). Sometimes they’ll tweet links to online recipes, but other times, they condense the recipe – and instructions – to fit the 140 character limit. I find these micro-recipes very useful; I love the simplicity and the use of minimal ingredients. Rachel Ray has something called Take 5, using just 5 ingredients or less. Last week for the Overdrive potluck party, I decided to make her Barbeque Beef Cups.

This was the actual tweet:

#take5, #recipes: ground beef + bbq sauce + brown sugar + refrigerated biscuits + cheddar cheese = Barbecue Beef Cups,

If you click the URL, you’ll get directed to the Rachel Ray website with directions on how to make the BBQ cups – which I found incredibly easy! I ended up modifying the recipe a little bit: I added fresh garlic and onions, plus hot sauce and chili pepper flakes; I mixed some cheddar cheese in with the beef mixture; and I used a mini-muffin pan to make mini-beef cups.

The mini cheddar-BBQ cups were a hit (or as RR would say, “yum-o!”) and I have Twitter to thank for it!

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