Healthy Eating, One Blog at a Time

Have you ever kept a food journal? One where you write down every single thing you eat for a week, or a month, or whatever amount of time you choose. I’ve done this a couple of times and I think it’s very good exercise in analyzing your food habits. But I’m not going to lie: food journaling is HARD. It was verrrrry challenging to document everything I ate! It was eye-opening too – it made me realize just how much chocolate and sweet treats I eat throughout the day (um, A LOT). In the end though, I have a better understanding of my nutritional needs and wants, and as cheesy as it sounds, I did become much more conscious and appreciative of what I eat everyday.

Some of my favorite blogs are almost like food journals masquerading as food and health blogs. The bloggers basically take pictures of all their meals every single day and post them on their blogs, along with nutritional value. And they do a really good job too. They also post recipes, work-out tips, and anecdotes about healthy living. I am extremely inspired by these blogs, particularly because the bloggers all share their “health stories” (about weight loss, running a marathon, being a nutritionist, etc). These are some of my favorites:

Eat Like Me

Runner’s Kitchen

Carrots N Cake

The Fitnessista

Eat, Live, Run

(You can see more at my Blog Roll page)

I feel a certain connection to these women bloggers because like me, most of them are devoted to leading a well balanced life that’s filled with love, running, yoga, and good food! Through them, I am constantly reminded that being a foodie does not mean having to sacrifice my health (or weight). They remind me that while it is great to enjoy the rich, luxurious and gourmet foods once in a while, it is also wonderful to appreciate the everyday, simple and healthy foods that anyone and everyone can make – with or without a food journal.


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