Lake Champlain Hazelnut Five Star Bar

I’m a Whole Foods shopaholic. I go there with my list of things to buy but I always end up buying more than what I really need. Like the recent weekend trip which was originally just supposed to be a quick run in and out, but I couldn’t say no to the sweet smelling Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning products, the delicious and beautiful individual desserts, and the wonderful selection of cheeses, and before I know it I racked up almost $150 on my already-abused credit card. And just as I’m almost done checking out, Whole Foods tempts me with one of my now-favorite chocolate bars: Lake Champlain Hazelnut Five Star Bar

This chocolate bar is so good it should be illegal (I don’t really want it to be illegal but you know what I mean). It elicits embarassing satiated moans from me, that long “mmmm” sound you make when you’re just so happy with whatever it is you’re eating. In fact, I actually got two of these little babies – one for me and one for the boyfriend – but it never even reached him, because I ate both for dinner last night. Very unhealthy, yes, but it made me very, very happy.

It’s a little pricey (almost $4 for a small bar) but not as expensive as the chocolates at LA Burdick or Richart (two of my favorite chocolate places in Boston), and it is well worth it. Keep your eye out for it next time your dropping some $$$ at Whole Foods!


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