Nutella Banana Pudding

It seems that a lot of people share my love for Nutella.

And bananas.

And pudding.

So I combined them all in one dessert to share with you guys: Nutella Banana Pudding.

This is another easy, no-bake dessert that requires few ingredients. You just need some patience because you’ll need to chill it in the fridge for at least four hours (or even better, overnight). And I know – oh, I know – that when one is working on a dessert with Nutella, that patience (or the willpower not to eat spoonfulls straight from the jar) is a hard thing to master.

But trust me, when this dessert is ready, you will be deliriously happy.

a banana dessert as sweet as can be

This dessert is sweet and soft and creamy. Spongey, crunchy, velvety. Nutella, bananas, and pudding. They’re in perfect harmony.

I used Magnolia Bakery’s Banana Pudding Recipe from Amateur Gourmet as a base and made some changes. Below is my recipe:

Nutella Banana Pudding


1 box vanilla wafer cookies (I used the vanilla wafer cookies from Whole Foods)
2/3 cup Nutella
1 pack instant vanilla pudding (I used Dr. Oetker vanilla pudding mix)
2 cups milk (I used skim milk)
about two cups whipped cream
4 bananas, sliced


  1. Prepare the pudding according the package instructions, using milk (if required or as a substitute for water). Let cool for 5 minutes. Fold the Nutella into the pudding. Then fold in about one third of your whipped cream.
  2. Now you can start the layers of cookies, bananas, and pudding. Spread a few spoonfulls of your Nutella pudding cream at the bottom of a 9 x 13 baking pan or a 10 inch round casserole dish. Lay down a layer of the vanilla wafer cookies using about a third of the whole pack. Top with a third of the sliced bananas, then a third of the Nutella cream. Repeat two more times until you have three layers , but make sure to save a few of the cookies for garnish.
  3. After the third and last later of Nutella cream, spread the remaining whipped cream on top. Crush the remaining cookies (I used my Oreo-crushing method of whacking them with a rolling pin) and sprinkle on top. Refrigerate and wait a few hours or overnight. Be patient! Enjoy chilled.

the flavors will all meld together in a perfect symphony

This post is dedicated to the person who inspire me to make bananas as sweet as can be: my dad.

that’s my dad with a very fashionable me

My dad makes the best minatamis na saging (sweetened bananas) – a Filipino dessert of soft, ripe plantains caramelized with sugary syrup. Everytime I encounter a dessert with bananas, I think of my wonderful father.

If you ask me where I got my sweet tooth, I will say, my dad.

If you ask me who I think is the smartest, most patient, and most hard-working man in the world, I will say, my dad.

If you ask me who taught me to love numbers and books and Dean Martin, I will say, my dad.

If you ask me who my hero is, well who else but my dad.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! I love you!


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