Busy B

I have been buzzing about too much lately and haven’t had the time to blog.  I spent 5 wonderful days at the Cape and Plymouth with the boyfriend, and when we got back to reality (aka Boston), work just piled up on me. PLUS I have a new obsession: I am about to give myself an apartment make-over!! Yes, after years of salivating over those cute, space-savvy, chic rooms on Domino and HGTV, I have decided to push my credit card to the limit and renovate my college-girl apartment (FYI I’m already 27 and past my college years). With the help of my good friend Sabs, I am going to be making some furniture swaps, purging old stuff, and organizing like crazy. I am PSYCHED! I’ll take before and after pics, give me a about a month to get everything done heehee…

PS – Update on some of my summer books (I cannot seem to stop reading lately!), I have finished The Secret Life of Bees and Water for Elephants and LOVED them both. Now back to chicklit (Babyville).


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