Chocolate Drinks

Hot Chocolate or Chocolate Milk?

I’m a big fan of chilled dairy drinks, but sometimes (and by sometimes I mean winter in New England), nothing beats the comfort of hot chocolate.

My four favorite brands for the moment (I can’t just choose one!) are:


  • Cocoa Metro Dark Chocolate Milk – My # 1 choice. I bought this at Whole Foods, aka mecca of all things good. It is amazingly rich, thick, and creamy *swoon* It is a perfect late night snack (I love eating chilled chocolate at night while watching TV but this is just as good, maybe even better). Right now it’s only available at select stores in Greater Boston; and at Whole Foods it is sometimes sold out, so I feel extra special that I was able to snag a bottle! It is sooooo good. So rich, thick and creamy… oh did I say that already? Oh well, it’s so true it’s worth mentioning twice. And, it is also worth the price…
  • LA Burdick Dark Chocolate shavings hot chocolate – I didn’t realize that this bag had actual dark chocolate shavings, and not some powdered mix. Very cool. I also like how I can adjust the ratio of chocolate to milk to my desired drink consistency (my desired consistency: rich, thick, and creamy. You know it by now). Although I have to admit though, that somehow – despite my numerous attempts – it’s still not as perfect as getting a demi cup of hot dark chocolate at the actual store. But it’s still very, very yummy; it’s the real thing; how can it not be amazing?
  • Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Sensation instant chocolate mix – I had to include this in my favorites list not just for the value (even better if your local grocery store offers discounts!) but also because the Swiss Miss brand brings back fun and loving memories of my childhood. Both my parents like hot chocolate and I remember drinking Swiss Miss with them and my sisters back home.
  • Over the Moon Amazing Chocolate fat free milk – ahhh to me this is my classic. It is fat free milk, people – fat free! – and yet it tastes like it is made with at least 2% milk. And I just love the name Over the Moon, it instantly cheers me up for some reason. The chocolate milk also cheers me up but I know the reason is because I am a little bit obsessed with anything chocolate.

In fact I just had a small serving of hot chocolate right now (guess which one I had). Sooo yummy. So perfect for a Friday. Or a Monday. Or a Wednesday. Basically perfect for any day. Or night. I’m rambling – this is what chocolate sometimes does to me. Time to wrap up.

As I was saying earlier, I usually prefer chilled chocolate, so sometimes even if I’m making hot chocolate, I still let it cool (and if I’m patient, chill it in the fridge for a few minutes) so that I end up with cold hot chocolate. Smart huh? heehee. I hope everyone will have a great, comforting, chocolate-filled weekend!


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