Did Someone Say Blueberry?

Blueberries are the leaders in antioxidants, according to the USDA.

They’re also packed with vitamin C, fiber, and manganese.  Self Magazine recommends including them in your weekly shopping list. Basically, blueberries are a powerhouse, with all those micronutrients and antioxidants.

But you know what else has antioxidants? Chocolate.

so how about some blueberry chocolate jam?

I bought a jar of blueberry chocolate jam from the Wicked Natural booth at the Coastal Wine Trail a few weeks ago. It’s made with fresh blueberries and dark chocolate from Lake Champlain. It’s reallllyyy good, more blueberry-tasting than chocolate, but it does have a deep dark chocolate finish. I only need a little dollop on top of…

blueberry bread, mmm-mmm

I recently discovered the blueberry and raspberry with lemonade bread from When Pigs Fly and I’ve been hooked on it! They use lemonade instead of water when making the bread, resulting in a sweet, dessert-like ball of carbs. I buy my bread from the Allston/Harvard Farmers Market, which I visit every other Friday or so to say hi to my friend Elizabeth. I’ve been buying a big loaf of sweet bread (and by sweet bread, I really mean bread that is sweet, and not sweetbreads as in the dish made with a young calf’s thymus gland and pancreas) then rationing it out for a couple of weeks. I tried their date and apricot bread, too, as well as the the strawberry-banana-brown sugar bread, but I like the blueberry bread the most because it’s the sweetest.

this way I can smear some blueberry chocolate jam on top of my blueberry lemonade bread and call this dessert "breakfast"

I’ve been eating fresh blueberries by the bowl too, thanks to the abundance of the little blue globes at all the farmers markets.

do antioxidants cancel out all the sugar?

I’m going to pretend it does. Besides, chocolate is healthy too.

my blueberry breakfast

It’s like having a piece of blueberry pie (blueberry chocolate pie?) except I’m not having it for dessert, I’m having it for breakfast. Because hello, bread + jam + fresh fruit = breakfast right? Right.

To get my antioxidants, I’m going to eat as much blueberries as I can before blueberry season ends. And if that means more chocolate too and more trips to the farmers markets, then be it.

What’s your favorite farmers market find lately?


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