BerryLine Frozen Yogurt

I was finally able to take a picture of one of my latest obsessions: BerryLine frozen yogurt. YUM.

This little store in Harvard Square occupies my thoughts (and tummy) on a regular basis. It’s soooo good; it taste really fresh and light like actual yogurt – none of the fake ice cream taste. Don’t get me wrong, I love ice cream too, but if I’m craving for some creamy goodness, I’m getting the real stuff. Anyway, indulging at Berry Line doesn’t leave me feeling guilty (hey, yogurt is good for you! And it only has 125 calories in a small serving!) but always leaves me satisfied. My regular order is just a small plain yogurt (sometimes I’ll be adventurous and try one of the special flavors like Oreo and blackberry), and sometimes with strawberrries as a topping (they have so much yummy toppigns to choose from!). But last week I boldly ventured away from my boring order and got a medium banana with strawberries and white chocolate chips. Double yum.

BerryLine on Urbanspoon


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