Ice Cream Mania

Okay, so I have an unhealthy obsession for Berry Line frozen yogurt (Harvard Square’s answer to Pinkberry) and I cannot stop talking about its wholesome goodness to anyone who would listen. But last week I had these mad cravings for sinful, full-fat, rich and creamy ice cream, specifically JP Licks. And they have new awesome April flavors too, some of which are inspired by our beloved Red Sox: Green Monster Tea, Rice Dice Kream, Manny’s Mocha Chip. Yum. Unfortunately, I was not able to go to JP Licks (yet) but I did succeed in curing my ice cream mania with some wonderful vanilla bean ice cream from Christina’s in Inman Square. I would post a picture but that would make me crave some again. But… the weather is so nice and sunny, and isn’t this the perfect time for some ice cream?


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