Chocoholics Wanted

My friend Dan sent me a link to this article about Chocoholics Wanted and my heart skipped a beat while reading the first paragraph:

Calling all chocoholics: British researchers recruiting volunteers willing to eat a bar of chocolate daily for a year, guilt-free and all in the name of science…

Sadly, after the reading the whole article I realized that it was definitely too good to be true. The study is for menopausal women and I am light years away from that (in defense of Dan, he said he only saw the headline and immediately thought of me). But then, I don’t need to be a participant in that study anyway because one, I already eat enough chocolate. And two, I don’t need more facts supporting the benefits of chocolate and how chocolate is not just good, but good for you.

In other news, I just realized that my blog was down over the weekend but thanks to Everett at Digital Sapien Hosting (my very own blog support, without him this blog would not exist), it’s up and running again! Sweet.


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