Welcome to My World

Actual letter from Everett, Mr. Digital Sapien himself  (aka the best blog master of all time):


Dearest Bianca,

Yesterday, I brought 3 little bite-sized chocolates from Whole Foods to have as dessert after my dinner. I ate my meal but soon realized that I must have thrown my chocolates in the trash along with the oversize brown bag that Whole Foods give you. My urge for the chocolates was growing uncontrollable. Without hesitating, I dove headfirst into my trashcan and picked through rotten food and who-knows-what-else to retrieve the bag containing my chocolates. I didn’t even wash my hands before eating the candy. I needed to eat it that badly right then and there. Afterwards, I thought to myself “is this what it’s like to be Bianca?”



My friend, welcome to my world. This made my day.


This isn’t me! This pic is from the Internets


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