Vacation Mode

Hello from Manila, Philippines!

I’m on vacation but I wanted to do a quick post to let you all know that I’m still alive and eating very, very well!

Quick summary: the boyfriend and I arrived in Manila last week, and every single day has been action packed. Lots of dinners with family and friends, but my our favorite part of the trip so far was going to Boracay (white beach) which was AMAZING.


The best beach in the whole world.

rima boracay

Thanks to Louie for making dinner reservations for us at Rima, Shangri-la Boracay.

Nice view huh? Food was pretty awesome too.

Then back in Manila, we attended a wedding and went out a couple more times with friends for drinks. We’ve been eating A LOT (my love for pig? satisfied) of indulgent foods so I’m very happy. But to be honest I haven’t had any exercise in 10 days (!) so I’m getting a little paranoid about gaining weight… But, I am on vacation so I’m just going to try and relax (and squeeze in a yoga session and a quick run in the next few days)! Anyway, we’ve been having an amazing time, and it’s really so heart-warming to be with all my loved ones:


with some college friends at the Fort (Kabisera)

family wedding

my family at Joy’s wedding


the impromptu after-wedding party at Barcino. The gorgeous bride is wearing the purple sequined dress.

I’m going to Singapore with my girl friends on Thursday so that should be filled with shopping, eating, and gossiping. There may or may not be an impersonation of the Spice Girls but there will definitely be loads of fun. Singapore better be prepared for a group of cackling giggling girls about to invade the stores and restaurants! Hopefully this time I’ll remember to bring my camera (dinner with the girls was undocumented) and also I can manage to take pictures of the food (usually I get a little bit mesmerized when I see food and I forget all other intentions haha).

Sending everyone warm wishes from Manila,



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