Singapore Eats

Before heading back to Boston, I went to Singapore for a few days with my girl friends (we made a pact in high school that we will travel to a different country before we all start getting married, and well, now a couple of the girls are engaged so this was our “Last Single Girl’s Trip!”) and I.had.a.FANTASTIC.time!! Singapore was very, very clean and picturesque but it was also very, very hot and humid so I spent 50% of the trip complaining about the heat (“I hate Singapore”) and 50% of time I was praising the country for its efficiency, shopping opportunities, and um, food (“I love Singapore!”). But really, I had such a wonderful, wonderful time with my lovely girlfriends:


my Singapore Gals

When we first started talking about going to Singapore, I got extremely excited. I’ve never been there and everyone I talked to who has visited (or lived in) Singapore had such high praises for it. Plus I heard it was a foodie paradise, with all the street food and spicy flavors and exciting dishes. Well, foodie paradise indeed. We ate soooo much in Singapore and I may or may not have gained a couple of pounds in three days – which isn’t surprising because almost everything is fried too (full disclosure: we also walked for miles each day so I think we burned off all the calories eventually). Now to be honest, I love fried food as much as Paula Deen, but there was just a little too much fried stuff. However, being the adventurous food lover that I am (hehe) that did not stop me from trying all the deliciousness that Singapore had to offer.


traditional Singaporean breakfast

My favorite meal, hands down, was the traditional Singaporean breakfast of kaya toast (kaya is coconut, honey and egg jam) with butter, two soft boiled eggs (which they suggest adding soy sauce and pepper to, but I am a rebel and ate them plain), and coffee or kopi which was gloriously sweetened with condensed milk (yum).

Singapore also had a lot of cutesy food (also, everything came in small portions which I loved. When I got back to Boston I was shocked by the servings sizes because I got so used to the tiny, Asian food portions) and this made me smile:


2010 is the year of the (chocolate-filled) Tiger

And also this:


everyone seemed to have a sweet tooth in Singapore

Some more pictures of our Singapore Eats:

liz and eli

Eli and Liz marvel at what was left of our cereal prawns


everything was so pretty and colorful


fresh fruits galore


I told ya everything was fried (and yummy)


here they had braised ox tail, intestines and sour/spicy vegetable soup


everything was spicy, just the way I like it


Jenny and Carla were very involved in food decision-making


and so was I (although I’m not sure why I was pointing to an empty wok)


there was also dimsum galore


and roast pork, chicken and duck (very, very good)


not quite a Hawker’s Market but still pretty awesome

My best meal in Singapore, however, was at Lawry’s Prime Rib restaurant where Jenny had her birthday dinner. Yes, I find it ironic that my best meal in Singapore was very American (or should I say Continental?) but the prime rib was so juicy and well-marbled, and the spinach, mushrooms and creamed corn side dishes were divine that for once, our whole group fell silent as we ate in awe.


photo from Lawry’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills (yes, it’s a chain, so what)

And let’s not forget… *drum roll* dessert – seriously this was the best tiramisu I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot). This was at some random restaurant near Clark Quay.


photo taken by fellow food lover and loud laugh-er Carla

Going on vacation with the boyfriend and then with my girl friends left me with the travel bug so I’m hoping there will be more food-filled, fun-filled travels in the future!

I love you girls, thanks for making our amazing Singapore adventure – with all the  food, sweat, laughter, and love –  so memorable! xoxo


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