The Food Lovers/Dieter’s Dilemma

Happy Friday!

Just because the word “dilemma” is in this post’s title doesn’t mean it’s a Debbie Downer.

I just wanted to share a dilemma that has plagued me for years, which I’m sure some of you are familiar with. I call it the Food Lovers/Dieters Dilemma. It all boils down to a simple question:

How do you keep eating all the rich foods you love while trying to lose weight?

Of course, the answers are obvious: everything in moderation. Exercise. Balanced meals. Follow the skinny girl rules by Bethenny from Naturally Thin (okay so not everyone follows this but I really love that book).

But it’s hard!

I mean, it’s hard to say no to this:

mac and cheese

Mac and Cheese by Martha Stewart*

Let alone this:

grilled chocolate sandwich

Grilled Chocolate Sandwich by Martha Stewart*

*Martha Stewart is the queen of beautiful food photographs that accompany easy-enough recipes. Oh and I personally would prefer a grilled nutella-and-banana sandwich but as always, I’m good with anything that involves chocolate.

Anyway my eating ways have changed drastically during the last couple of years (for the better. I can honestly say I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been). But my love for food, all kinds of food – from a grease-fest to a vegan-fest – hasn’t changed; in fact, I probably love food even more now because I’ve learned to truly appreciate it. And I’m talking and reading and writing even more about food, thanks to that wonderful Food Writing class in Harvard last year, which really awakened my food blogger instincts. However, another thing that has not changed is my constant desire to lose weight. I admit that I actually work out pretty obsessively. But I also eat a lot. Mostly healthy things, but still a lot. And while I haven’t gained any weight lately (thank God), I also have “stabilized” with my weight loss for a lonnnngggg time.

So what’s a food lover/dieter to do? Everything in moderation. Exercise. Balanced meals. Probably more exercise. And less calories. Wish me luck!

Do you experience this too? Any advice? As I mentioned earlier, I don’t mean to be negative and complain, I’m just sharin’. I actually have a pretty positive outlook on trying to lose weight slowly but surely, but I’d love to hear how other food lovers/dieters do it!


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