Fun Weekend in Connecticut

taylor brooke winery

Beach. Winery. Bed and Breakfast. Lamborghinis. Fresh Seafood.

I admit that when I think of quick New England weekend getaways, Connecticut was not always the first place to pop in my head. But that all changed when I spent a couple of days in CT, filled with activities ranging from relaxing to active. Plus lots of wine. And it’s all just a short drive away from Boston!

I went with a great group of bloggers and for the weekend trip / mini-vacation. That’s me below (first selfie of the trip) with Georgina from Notes on Lifestyle, Elisa from Style Wire, and Taylor.

bianca georgina elisa taylor

We were also with Michael from Well Done Boston, Cyrstal from Fun Things to Do in Central Mass, Annie and Chris from Stowed Stuff, NJ from A Cookie Before Dinner, and later met up with Jessica and Craig from Prosecco and Plaid.

brownstone parklifejackets

Our bus left Boston bright and early and we headed straight to Brownstone Park, an outdoor adventure park. There’s a lot of things to do there: ziplining, cliff diving, hiking, and of course there’s also my preferred option of just chilling on the beach.

x-default x-default

(photo credit for the two photos above goes to Kindra Clineff)

From there, we went to Taylor Brooke Winery in Woodstock, CT. That winery was just beautiful (check out the grapes pictured at the very top). It was tucked in scenic rolling hills, and we did the tour and wine tasting with the owners and husband and wife team Linda and Richard. I enjoyed hearing about the history of the winery, and I was particularly happy that we got to sample so many different kinds of wine. 14 to be exact!

taylor brooke winery wines taylor brooke winery wine tasting

I came home with a few bottles: the Traminette (slightly floral taste with hints of stone fruits), Summer Peach (100% Riesling with a natural peach essence), and Chocolate Essence (chocolate infused merlot port!).

Let’s take a second and say that again: chocolate infused merlot port. *Swoon*

By the time we were done sipping and swirling and tasting, it was late afternoon and it was time to check into our home for the night: The Inn at Woodstock Hill. This is a gorgeous bed and breakfast located in an area called Quiet Corner in Woodstock, CT. Before this trip, I’ve never actually been to a bed and breakfast (I’m a boutique hotel kinda gal) but The Inn was just so charming and pretty and I absolutely want to go back there again soon.

Inn East Aerial View Library1x-2

 (the two photos above provided by The Inn at Woodstock Hill)

bed and breakfast

wallpaper inn at woodstock hill

woodstock hill frontwoodstock hill outsidedahlias

I really, really loved my room, and I loved the beautiful wallpaper throughout the inn, and I loved the lush greens and the dahlia farm.

Can I use the word love again one more time? Okay, two more times:

inn at woodstock hill libraryflat iron steak

<3 the library (makes me want to curl up indoors all day with a good book #nerdforlife) and the food (I had the flat iron steak for dinner #meat4eva).

Fun fact: that night I was wearing a blouse that perfectly matched the wallpaper in my room.

The next day, I was up bright and early, met up with a few of my travel companions for breakfast outdoors, then we were off to the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. I’m the first to admit that I don’t know much about cars (I know a lot about Uber though…) but I do know what a Lamborghini is!!

thompson speedway CT blue lamborghini
orange lamborghini white lamborghini

I was able to ride along the racetrack course, and whoa was that fast! It was one smooooooth ride and let me tell you guys… I changed my mind about the pony. I now want a lambo for Christmas.

Two things kept going through my mind at the racetrack: the song Mercy by Kanye West (“lamborghini mercy…”) and the scenes in Silicon Valley where Russ (the bro-millionaire/billionaire) was obsessed with a Lamborghini with doors that slide upwards, not sideways.

Our last stop for the weekend was a late lunch at 85 Main in Putnam, CT. I ordered fish and chips for myself, and also snagged multiple bites from this plate of perfection:

spicy calamari

cornmeal dusted fried calamari with cherry peppers and angry tomato marinara

maine black bear ice cream

Our incredible weekend ended with ice cream, like how most things in life should end. This was the Maine Black Bear from the ice cream shop next door, and it’s a honey, brown sugar, blueberries, and chocolate chip ice cream.

Beach. Winery. Bed and Breakfast. Lamborghinis. Fresh Seafood. And ice cream. I had such a fun weekend getaway.

Do you have a favorite weekend destination? My wanderlust is kicking in!

Disclaimer: I was invited to join this press trip and the entire weekend was taken care of by the Connecticut Office of Tourism


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