Nantucket Weekend

Summer may have officially ended but that didn’t stop me and my friends from a enjoying a New England summer activity: we spent the weekend in Nantucket! I’ve been very lucky to spend some fantastic weekends in picturesque New England – from livin’ it up at Martha’s Vineyard to the Lobster Festival in Maine – and this weekend felt like a fun-filled mini-vacation.

We arrived in Nantucket on Friday night (we barely made the ferry out of Hyannis!). We had a great time just relaxing, doing some sight-seeing, and partaking in some alcohol tastings at Cisco Brewers, Triple Eight Distillery and Nantucket Vineyards. We also visited a farmers market, and discovered Nantucket’s best fudge.

We rented an amazing house for the weekend – spacious, clean, central air and a full service kitchen that we utilized because we stayed in on Saturday night for a home-cooked family-style dinner. We all loved the house.

weekend house

the vacation rental was called “Back for More”


that’s me reading a magazine while eating… my thumb?

We had beautiful weather the whole weekend – perfect for walking around the island.


we went to the beach then visited the Sankaty Head lighthouse

farmers market

we checked out the farmers market near the town center


and admired produce and the colors of fall

For lunch on Saturday, we couldn’t decide where to go because there seemed to be so many good restaurants in Nantucket! We ended up in Dune which serves contemporary American cuisine.

fried oysters

we shared some fried oysters for the table

seared tuna

I got the special of the day – seared tuna with goat cheese over arugula

corn soup

and Val let me have a bite of her corn soup with a crab-filled hush puppy

The food was very good, but we all saved room for dessert! We wandered over to this cute store a few doors down:


yup, the bakery was called Bakery

bakery treats

they had a lot of sweet fresh-baked treats…


but I settled for a couple of macaroons

maxi dress

I don’t know why Em and I looked so serious after our Bakery trip…

Then we headed to Cisco Brewery, Nantucket microbrewers of Whale’s Tale Pale Ale, Moor Porter, Cap’n Swain’s Extra Stout, and Bailey’s Ale. It was actually a compound with three main areas: Cisco Brewers for the beer, Triple Eight Distillery for the hard liquor, and Nantucket Vineyard for the wines.

wine tasting

of course the girls made a beeline for the wine tasting


our friendly bartender Nicole

cisco beers

I’m not a big beer drinker but I have to admit that their Gray Lady beer was really light and refreshing

flavore vodka

I really really like flavored vodka. Ever had blueberry vodka with club soda and actual blueberries? Sooo good.

group pic

we were all extremely happy after all the wine and beer and vodka

On Sunday, we hung around the Main Street and window-shopped. Everything is expensive there!

lilly pulitzer

only in Nantucket: a Lilly Pulitzer Jeep (I want it.)

bianca and val

and we found Aunt Leah’s Fudge Shoppe


the chocolate coconut was the best!

aunt leah

can you tell how much I liked it?

We talked to Aunt Leah herself (in blue in the pic above) and she told us stories about her celebrity customers (Katie Couric  is one), how the fudge has been featured in Martha Steward Weddings, and other entertaining anecdotes. For example, after Aunt Leah’s fudge was featured in the New York Times wedding section because the bride and groom met there when they were in high school, some local moms actually brought in their daughters and asked Aunt Leah “exactly where in this store did the bride and groom meet?” – because they thought it would bring good relationship karma!

My friends and I had a such a great time this weekend and we’re already looking forward to coming back next summer. Have you been to Nantucket? What’s your favorite summer vacation place?

Triple Eight Distillery & Nantucket Vineyard.

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