Maine Lobster Festival

I love New England weekend trips so when my friends suggested we do a road trip for the Maine Lobster Festival, I readily agreed. Last Saturday, we left Boston bright and early to enjoy a day filled with sun and seafood.

Of course I had no idea that the event was going to be in Rockland, a 3 1/2 drive away from Boston – eep! Fortunately, I was just a passenger and was only responsible for some on-the-road snacks (I brought chocolates and a mini lemon curd cake from HiRise Bread). After nearly 4 hours on the road (yes, we drove 4 hours for lobster; don’t judge), we finally arrived! We immediately made our way to the lobster tent, and passed the usual country fair-type stalls:

italian sausage

such as sausages and fries

fried dough

and fried dough

I was not tempted by any of those. This stall, however, tried to lure me with its promise of pie and ice cream:

pie stall

but the dessert had to wait

lobster line

because there were A LOT of people in the lobster line

My friends and I were not discouraged! And we rewarded ourselves after the long drive and the long lines and the long wait:

lobster and clams

lobster, sweet lobster, with steamed clams, corn on the cob, coleslaw and buttah


calamari and battered shrimp

maine harbor

and a vista that will melt all your stresses away

carnival game

there was also a carnival with rides and games

rootbeer lobster

root beers in a lobster hat

captn eli

Capt’n Eli soda

lobster tacos

and many other food stalls (I wish I tried the lobster tacos!)

We went around Rockland for a couple hours to enjoy the sun and to check out some of the boutiques before driving back home. I had a really good time with my friends at the Maine Lobster Fest; I’m glad we went. Cheers to road trips and living in New England! Now if only the weather is this nice all year round…


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