Spend $100, Get Healthy

From Vitamin G: Let’s Say You Have an Extra $100: How Would You Spend It to Better Your Health, Happiness?

I actually just spent $100 for my health last weekend; I bought new running shoes (review to come next week) and they cost a hundred bucks. Actually, they cost me $85 because I had a 15% off coupon from the 5K I ran last month, but still – it seemed like a lot of money for something I know I’ll be replacing in about a year. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about investing in a good pair of shoes (and I’ve spent waaaaayyy more than a hundred on several pairs) but I used to go to the New Balance outlet and get a pair for $50 – and use it for a couple of years. But now that I’m running more, I want something that is PERFECT for me; it just so happens that the perfect pair cost a hundred bucks.

Anyway IF I had an extra $100 to spend for my health and happiness, I know exactly what I’m going to buy: a 10-class student pass at my Bikram yoga studio. The early bird rate (for the 6 am classes) is just $95 for 10 sessions. It’s been too hot lately and I find that the best time for me to practice yoga in the scorching summer heat is first thing in the morning, when the studio is a little less crowded. Next month I’m going to try to go to the morning classes a couple of times a week, so the early bird pass will be perfect. However, in reality, I don’t have an extra $100 right now, and I still have my monthly pass for July hehe. But I’m definitely planning on getting this for August!

Or, I would love to use my imaginary $100 on a massage. Or a facial. These will both contribute to my health and happiness.

What would you spend $100 on, to improve your health and happiness?


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