3 Little Figs

I have a conundrum. And it’s delicious.

I discovered it on a bright Friday afternoon at my favorite farmers market. It looks just like a regular cookie , but it’s not – it’s special: a conundrum cookie has organic oats, maple syrup, coconut, dried tart cherries, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and FRESH ZUCCHINI. Yes, grated fresh zucchini. It might just be the cookie equivalent of my beloved green monster smoothie. I love the idea of incorporating vegetables in my sweet treats!


Conundrums are sold by 3LittleFigs – “tasty bakin” as the business cards call out.  Founded by Katie Rooney, the sunny 29-year old who gave me my conundrum, 3LittleFigs offers cookies, bars, phyllo pastries, and streusel cakes. All treats are based on 100% natural recipes, using mostly organic ingredients. There are a lot of vegan and wheat-free products, as Katie strives to cook (and eat) as naturally as possible. Katie is Greek and her Mediterranean influences shine in her cooking, as she bakes treats with a lot of nuts and spices. And dried fruit and fresh veggies. Yum.

The first thing I ever bought from 3LittleFigs was actually an avocado tea cake. I had a slice as soon as I got home and I swooned. It was moist and just-sweet-enough, and it was perfect for tea time snack time (who does tea time anyway?) and breakfast, with a glass of cold skim milk (which I drink out of a champagne glass). I was hooked.


The name 3LittleFigs came about because Katie has been cooking with her mom and grandma since she was a kid, and it’s a tribute to those nostalgic times in the kitchen with the three of them toiling away, baking goodies, making memories. In the LittleFigs website, Katie claims she is obsessed with “all things nutty, fruity, spicy, sticky and grainy. And if it’s bound together by phyllo dough and butter, even better!” Her passion is evident in her treats; each bite is jammed with flavor, and it’s a welcome bonus that everything is wholesome and healthy.



3LittleFigs is available at the Charles Square farmers market in Harvard Square every Friday and Cambridgeport farmers market every Saturday.  Check out the Facebook page too.

Below is a quick interview with the Big Fig herself!


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