Verrill Farm and Nashoba Winery

Biting into juicy, freshly picked strawberries, lounging under the bright summer sun and feeling a gentle breeze, laughing  with friends and family, and enjoying glasses of cold, sweet wine.

That’s what makes summer one of the happiest seasons of the year.

And that’s what I did a couple of weeks ago, when my mom and I went with some friends for a day at Concord, Mass. We started with lunch, did some antiquing, bought some bread and cheese at the Concord Cheese Shop, then made our way over to Verrill Farm.  After buying some fresh produce and pie (strawberry-rhubarb), we ended the afternoon with a wine tasting and a small picnic at Nashoba Valley Winery. It was a perfect summer day.

fueling for antiquing with cornbread and crab johnny cakes at Liberty at Concord’s Colonial Inn; my mom and my friend Val’s mom looking for more stores and boutiques

strawberry fields at Verrill Farm, herb labels, other kitchy finds, and teeny bottles (is it made for food bloggers to coo at and use as food blog props?)

some of the fresh and vibrant produce at Verrill Farm: strawberries, lettuce, purple kohlrabi, radishes

Nashoba Valley Winery, enjoying a picnic outside

you wouldn’t think I’d leave a winery without buying some bottles, no? I brought home a trio of sweet wines: dry blueberry, cranberry-apple, and after dinner peach

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer days as much as I am. Stay tuned for my next round-up of Good Eats this weekend!


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