Dish of the Week | Seared Salmon Nigiri from Fuji

True story: I know that when you’re eating really good sushi that you don’t need soy sauce, but I rarely adhere to this – out of habit, and my preference for the salty/umami flavor. But this nigiri is so good, I definitely did not need to muddle up the flavors by dipping it in soy sauce.

The seared salmon nigiri from Fuji at Kendall is one of my favorite things on their menu. It’s savory and luxurious, thanks to the chili garlic oil, which comes with crunchy pieces of fried garlic, and the creamy slices of salmon. A drizzle of unagi sauce and thinly sliced scallions round it up very nicely.

I got it as part of their lunch specials – the “Seared Special Lunch” comes with this seared salmon nigiri, seared tuna nigiri, and a spicy tuna roll (also the best spicy tuna roll in the city, in my opinion), plus soup and salad. The nigiri is also available from the regular sushi menu.

Fuji is one of those restaurants that never fail to disappoint, and I actually frequent several of their outposts. This last visit was in Kendall Square but my husband and I also go to Assembly Row and the South End. The food is delicious and reasonably priced, and the service is always on point. I highly recommend it, and if you go and order this nigiri, you might be able to resist the allure of soy sauce, too.

Fuji at Kendall | 300 Third Street, Cambridge MA 02142

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