Scrambled Eggs

Lately I have been obsessed with scrambled eggs.

I’ve been making them for dinner almost every Tuesday after class (even after filling up on the yummy goodies – thanks Jackie!), plus bringing some to work for lunch, and then having some more during weekend brunches. That means I eat scrambled eggs about three times a week. And because I use 2 eggs per scramble (okay I lied, sometimes I use 3 eggs – all for me), that’s around 6 eggs a week. Logic tells me this is probably not very healthy, but I’m confused. There are so many contradicting stories/studies about eggs that I don’t know what to believe anymore. Are they good for me or are they evil? To paraphrase what Molly O’Neill said about butter in “Butter: A Love Story” – First eggs were good. Then eggs were bad. Now eggs are back.


Photo from Vitamin G

Either way, I eat a pretty balanced, healthy diet so I actually consider eggs a “treat”. Especially because I prepare them with butter (heehee). I love making French-style scrambled eggs, using low heat and lots of butter, whisking the eggs ’till my wrists hurt, then scrambling them like a mad woman.

I like just plain scrambled eggs seasoned with salt and pepper (eaten with whole wheat toast and butter, of course) but usually I mix in other ingredients. My favorite scrambled egg creations are:

– brocolli and feta cheese

– tomatoes, oregano and feta cheese

– asparagus, low fat sour cream and low fat cream cheese

– spinach, mushrooms and feta cheese

– chives and low fat cottage cheese

– salsa and jack cheese

(Notice how every single combination has cheese?)

A part of me wants to stop this food obsession (or at least lessen my consumption) but it’s hard! Scrambled eggs are too easy, too convenient, too tasty. This week, I am committing myself to just having them once; I already made some on Tuesday, but it’s only Thursday so we’ll see how the rest of the week goes….

BUT, the boyfriend might crave some before the week ends, and Marcie is coming to visit this weekend too so we’ll probably have brunch, so maybe – just maybe – I’ll have scrambled eggs again.


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