Chill & Lick

I have a confession to make:  I’ve been hanging out at J.P. Licks for an hour each week.

No, it’s not because of an ice cream addiction (I do love ice cream) but every Wednesday, right before class, I hang out at the J.P. Licks in Harvard Square, and take an hour or so doing stuff for class, and just… chill.

Of course I order ice cream too, but just a kiddie cup (not even a small!) – it’s really cute: it comes in this tiny little cup that’s just a bit bigger than a shot glass hehe. I don’t feel (that) guilty because it’s so small, approximately about 110 calories which isn’t bad for all that rich, creamy goodness *yum*

jp licks

kiddie cup beside a medium (photo from ice cream aficionado RJ)

Anyway I started doing my weekly J.P. Licks visits a few weeks ago. I’m always doing some last minute readings for class, or editing papers, and I don’t want to be cooped up in my apartment. The library seems too stuffy, and Starbucks is always crowded, so I wanted a place that’s more relaxed, but not necessarily a cafe where I’ll be tempted to order a chocolate croissant or something (Crema Cafe, you know who you are).

So J.P. Licks to the rescue! I realize I like hanging out here so much because the people are so HAPPY. And I don’t mean just the servers (even if they are extra cheerful) but basically every single person who’s there eating ice cream seems to be in a great mood! And who wouldn’t be – you’re eating ice cream, one of the best mood boosters ever. I like people watching too. Last night, I saw different kinds of customers, all smiling and satisfied and pleasant, almost as if they are hypnotized by the ice cream: a couple on a date (early stages of dating because they were still kinda awkward around each other heehee), a family with two young kids (and who doesn’t like seeing kids get so happy when they’re eating ice cream!), two girl friends catching up, some students who looked like they just got out of class,  and two macho men who looked like they were taking a break from their jobs, quietly eating their giant cups of ice cream. And then a another family came in with 5 kids, (!) all kids bouncing in excitement while they were picking their flavors and toppings. I swear, it’s Cute Overload. And I love it! It’s almost like I’m basking in other people’s joy, and the atmosphere is really so fun.

It’s a nice, relaxing midweek ritual for me (although I’m not sure how relaxing it will be when the weather gets warmer and the place gets more packed) and I like having a little treat right before hunkering down for class. Also this way, I am not ravenous when my class ends late and I get home at almost 10 pm without dinner, because I’m still satiated from my snack/dessert (snackert?)

Oh my favorite flavor is coconut almond chip, but I try other flavors every now and then. Maybe next week I’ll try one of those Red Sox-inspired flavahs.

Do you notice that too – that people are always so happy around ice cream? Do you have any favorite ice cream places or J.P. Licks flavors? Share them in the comments section! I hope April is off to a great start for everyone!

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