My Favorite New Toy

I love my new hot pink ipod so much (thanks to the boyfriend!) that today, don’t judge- I went to the spa to have my nails done in the same color. heehee…

You have to understand my fascination with this! I’ve been wanting (no, needing!) a new ipod since I broke my old ancient one a while back; so this is a very, very well-received gift.  My old ipod was the original nano with the mono-color screen; this shiny new one not only boasts of a full-color, high-resolution screen, it also plays videos! WOOHOO! And when I turn it sideways, the picture or album cover or video turns too. Awesome! (I know, I sound like a geek. Or someone who jumped the new ipod bandwagon pretty late.  But, it really is awesome!) Also, whenever I want to shuffle songs, I just need to shake it. Yup, shake it, shake it, shake it like polaroid picture.  And of course, it’s in pink, and I heart pink.

Anyway, I can’t believe Christmas came and went! I had a nice Christmas, and I hope everyone had a love-filled celebration as well. Time to countdown for New Year’s! I’ll put in in my ipod’s calendar.


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