Boston Local Food Fest

logoThe Boston Local Food Festival was held yesterday at the Fort Point Channel. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement the whole day and the event was packed with people eager to support the healthy local food community. I was there with a few friends and also met up with Beth.

We arrived at around 1:30 and none of us had lunch yet so we were looking forward to the variety of food choices available. But first, we went around to check out the booths and maneuvered ourselves among the crowd.

boston food fest

beautiful day, eager crowd


Grillo’s pickles are always popular in food fests

calabrini cheese

calabrini cheese is goat cheese with sun dried tomatoes, basil, garlic and olive oil

beth and bianca

me and Beth, the Sailing Foodie

vermont sausage

I’ve seen Vermont Smoke and Cure products at Whole Foods but haven’t tried it yet, so I was glad to try their samples. I got a slice of the Summer Sausage and liked it so much I ended up buying a whole sausage to bring home!

centre street cafe

I’ve heard great things about Centre Street Cafe so I decided to get lunch from their booth

veggie strata

I got a slice of the vegetarian strata for just $2 – so cheap and so yummy


we braved the lines at Sportello

sportello pork

… because they were giving away small plates of roast pork on top of a thick juicy slice of heirloom tomato


Beth got a veggie empanada and rice from the Puerto Rican food stall (I think it was Norma’s Catering)


we saw a lot of fresh produce and different varieties of kale

kale chips

and bought ready-made kale chips from Prana Cafe

The Festival’s mission is to engage business and community leaders in building economies that are green, local, and fair. I think more people (including myself) are becoming more educated now about sustainability and other urban issues, so it was great seeing the different exhibitors – ranging from restaurants, specialty foods, and farms, as well as beer and wine, health and fitness, and other non-profit vendors.  And everyone, both vendors and attendees alike,  looked like they were enjoying themselves! It seems that local Boston food fests are always packed to the brim (remember the Food Truck Fest?) and yesterday, some booths actually ran out of food. Organizers should take note of the fact that there are not only a lot of supporters of local foods and businesses, but there are just a lot of people who like attending weekend events like this, so they can plan for bigger venues next time and vendors can plan accordingly.

Did you go to any local fest or local markets this weekend? Do you have a favorite local business?


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