Food Trucks at Let’s Talk About Food

It all started with a warm, crusty, toasted baguette.

I love French bread – especially with sweet, creamy butter – but lately, every time I see a baguette I start craving Vietnamese food.

I keep thinking of the banh mi sandwich – equally French and Vietnamese. A fresh baguette filled with pork and pate and pickled veggies. Slathered with a creamy aioli. And, in my heat-loving world, best served with a drizzle of sriracha.

So when my friends attended the Let’s Talk About Food Festival at the Museum of Science, we headed straight to the food truck “food court”. And I headed straight to the Bon Me truck for a banh mi.

hello, pork banh mi, nice to meet you

We were able to try other goodies too. There were nine food trucks in the event, and all of them look enticing. So we did what we had to do: we split up and decided to just get double orders from several trucks, and share them with each other.

the thumb, me, Susan, Todd, Mike, and Melissa

the Go Fish truck seemed enticing but no one wanted to line up and linger in the fried fish air...

Melissa and Mike lined up at the BBQ truck

we had some tacos and coleslaw but I ignored those in favor of this cup of garlic kale

Susan lined up at the Grilled Cheese Truck

Nutella Banana Fluff sandwich. Nuff said.

Todd and I lined up at the Dining Car truck...

...and ordered these addicting plates of crispy cauliflower

and for the pièce de résistance, we lined up at Bon Me truck for a couple opf banh mi sandwiches

we looked on as the Bon Me staff quickly prepared the orders

so close yet so far, like a mirage in the middle of a food truck desert

now drizzled with sriracha

The banh mi sandwich was spectacular. Soft pork barbecue, homemade spicy mayo and pate, pickled carrots, daikon, cucumbers, cilantro and red onion. The textures and flavors were like a a spicy cool Asian party in my mouth. Without a doubt, the banh mi was the best part of our food truck adventure. And note that it’s a banh mi, not a bang me – although White On Rice‘s version is indeed very exciting.

Have you ever had a banh mi?


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