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Guys, I’m officially a TV star.

Okay okay so I’m not technically a “star” (yet). But I did appear in a TV show in Canada called The Foodie List.

The Foodie List is a TV series featuring 13 cities around the world, from from Stockholm to Tel Aviv to Boston. Four local foodies from each city (food experts, journalists, bloggers, chefs) present their favorite and must-try dishes, covering the most iconic and colorful dishes around the world.

I was cast in the Boston episode along with three of my favorite Boston bloggers: Dan from The Food in my Beard, Molly from Pop Bop Shop, and Fiona from A Boston Food Diary.

the foodie list boston crew

In each scene, we visit our most recommended restaurants, eat our favorite dishes, and comment on each meal –  explaining its unique characteristics and flavors, what we like about it, what pops out. Our goal was to make the viewers discover Boston’s best and most authentic dishes. As one would expect, everything was DELICIOUS.

And we had so much fun! We’re all already friends, and after shooting scenes in and around Boston for several days (we posted some behind the scenes on Instagram), with repeated takes, awkward moments, and lots of food, we’ve become even better friends. Foodie friends, if you will.

I’m cringing a little as I watch myself on TV, but hey, we worked hard for this. And I’m not going to lie, I’ve always wanted to be famous :) The show has already aired in Canada, and soon it will air in Europe. Next year it will air here in the US. Right now some scenes from a few cities are up on the Foodie List YouTube channel.

Below are the scenes that I’m in, talking about some of my very favorite things to eat in Boston:

Taza Chocolate Cake at Harvest

Squid Ink Pasta with Tripe from Coppa

Buffalo Brussel Sprouts at Highland Kitchen

Pecan Sticky Bun at Flour

Smoked Mozzarella Eggplant at Piattini

I had an absolute blast filming scenes for The Foodie List, and I know that Dan, Molly, and Fiona did, too. We were all jittery and nervous at first, but eventually got the hang of eating and talking in front of the camera. And I’m super excited that our mugs are going to be broadcast world-wide! We might have a viewing party soon and milk our 15 seconds of fame(ish). One day when I become famous (like Bravo-famous), I’m going to remember this experience very fondly.

First Canada, then Europe, then world domination.

Have a great week, everyone! xo


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