Brunch at Russell House Tavern

There are very few things that can sway me away from Nutella.

Russell House Tavern’s Crispy Poached Egg is one of them.

We went there for brunch last weekend and I really wanted to order the Nutella Stuffed French Toast. But then I saw the Anti-Benedict. Garlic spinach and breakfast sausage, creamy hollandaise, home fries, and two perfect crispy poached eggs.

I wrote about Russell House Tavern’s crispy soft poached farm egg before – it was the first time I used the word “magic” to describe a menu item (the second time I called a food magical was when I encountered Mei Mei food Truck’s kale salad, but that’s a whole different story).

If you haven’t had these crispy poached eggs yet – and if you find yourself in the Harvard Square vicinity – you must try it. It’s served as a small plate during dinner, and as a substitute to the regular poached eggs in Eggs Benedict during weekend brunch.

The texture of the crunchy exterior and the soft velvety yolk is exquisite, and the other components of the dish make each bite burst with flavor: the garlicky spinach, the creamy hollandaise, the salty breakfast sausage, all atop a sturdy English muffin to mop up the plush sauce.

The Anti-Benedict, along with a glass of fresh orange juice, made for a nice, luxurious, rainy day brunch last weekend. (I know what you’re thinking – I didn’t order a mimosa. Believe it or not, my dear readers, I don’t drink cocktails with every meal! I only do that when I’m on vacation…)

The kitchen sent out a complimentary fruit and cheese plate for our table (thanks, Chef!) and we enjoyed three kinds of cheeses with slices of crusty bread, an almost cake-life loaf of buttermilk bread, and fruit salad.

I don’t remember the types of cheese, but we had a soft cheese with hints of gorgonzola, a crumbly salty cheese, and a milder raw milk cheese. I liked them all (but then again, I never met a cheese I didn’t like).

My dining companions ordered meatier items: the R. House Grass Fed burger – 8 oz of Maine Co-Op ground beef, griddled English muffin, sharp cheddar, bacon, and caramelized onions.

And the Hickory Smoked Pork Loin Sandwich – slow roasted pork loin, melted sharp cheddar, sweet apple, crispy onions, and maple ginger aioli.

I’ve had both of these dishes, too, on different occasions, and they are excellent.

But to me, the best dish was mine:

The Anti Benedict. So good, that I don’t even regret not getting the Nutella French Toast. (But that doesn’t mean I’m not already planning on ordering it the next time I’m back.)

Do you like eggs benedict? What’s your favorite place for it?

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One more thing – remember this?

That’s the salted olive oil brownie from my Chile Olive Oil Dinner Party. I’m actually going to be at another Chile Olive Oil– sponsored event and I’d love to meet some of you there if you’re available.

I’m going to be judging the Boston Bakes Bake-Off next Tuesday, Oct. 9th. It’s going to be at the Armory in Somerville from 6 pm to 9 pm. Registration is FREE. Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer is a fantastic charity, and I’m sure the bake-off will be a fun time. There will be lots of delicious desserts, olive oil tastings, raffle prizes and gift bags for everyone. I hope some of you guys can make it!


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