It’s Back! Charles Square Farmers Market

It’s that time of the year again! Farmers markets are back, and my favorite one is the Charles Square Farmers Market in Harvard Square. I’m lucky to live just a couple of blocks away, so every Friday and Sunday, it’s easy for me to drop by and take my pick from the variety of fresh produce and other items available.

I said this last year, and I’m saying it again: There is something so relaxing and gratifying about farmers markets. Maybe it’s the rows and rows of stalls and white tents that appeal to my sense of order (even at its busiest, it still seems like organized chaos). Maybe it’s the beautiful produce: the bright greens, the colorful berries, the rich hues of the veggies that reminds me of jewels and fashion (is there anything more chic than the color of the eggplant?). Or maybe it’s the fact that I always visit farmers markets on a lazy afternoon, with the hot summer sun lulling me to an easy calm.

I checked out the farmers market over the weekend and was happy to see the same vendors, plus some new stalls

(If you want to read my reviews about some of the vendors, check out  my blog posts about Q’s Nuts and 3 Little Figs)

Have you ever had free range eggs? It reminds me of the eggs we have in the Philippines, fresh from a relative's farmyard. This is from the Stillman Farms stall.

However before I buy eggs and produce, I usually gravitate towards the dessert stalls first

These cute individual cheesecakes are from 7ate9 Bakery, which is a start-up company that delivers cheesecakes to the greater Boston area. Every week they will have a special cheesecake at the farmers market – the ones above are the classic flavor.

I loved the big Sofra stall, where cookies exist seamlessly with veggies (much like in my own kitchen)

After my lovely dinner at Oleana, I’ve been meaning to visit Sofra Bakery but I still haven’t gone so I’m glad that I now have easy access to some Sofra goodies…

... like these bounties of fresh herbs and greens

I was intrigued by these oh-so-pretty chive blossoms

one of the best things I really enjoy about farmers markets is I'm exposed to fruits and vegetables that I don't normally buy or cook with. My next goal is to cook with radishes.

I want to try cooking with different cuts and types of meat too. For some reason I am intimidated by lamb so I never prepare it at home.

Lamb, I may not know. But bacon, bacon, I know. (Any Sex and the City fans get my Carrie reference?) I bought some smoked bacon from John Crow Farm and now I might never go back to supermarket bacon ever again. It was so thick and flavorful. I kinda wish it is already the weekend so I can have some bacon for brunch (a weekend brunch with bacon just feels more special, ya know).

I also bought some cheese from Cricket Creek Farm – they have this fresh cheese that is as soft and spreadable as goat cheese, but is actually made from cow’s milk.

I highly recommend the garlic and herb fresh cheese

It was fun checking out the non-perishable items as well. Even though the Charles Square Farmers Market seems small (compared to say, the open market in Haymarket Square), there is still a good variety of vendors.

for instance, after you buy some goat's milk cheese from a cheese vendor, you can wander over to this stall selling goat's milk soap

Surfing Goats Soaps are made with Nigerian dwarf goat milk. Goat’s milk soap is good for people with sensitive skin, or people who suffer from chemical allergies. If you’re not down with bathing with goat’s milk, I still urge you to visit this stall just to look at the pictures of the dwarf goats. They are so darn cute!

you can also buy fresh flowers at the farmers market - I think the colors in this bouquet really pop

I’m glad it’s farmers market season again and I’m looking forward to many fruitful visits in the coming months. Do you have a farmers market that you regularly visit? And have you ever cooked with chive blossoms?


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