Mystery Meet January 2013

Some of you may be familiar with Mystery Meet already. I’ve wrote about it a few times, have attended several events in the last couple of years, hosted one last year, and I was the featured blogger for the very first podcast.

For those of you who think I’m talking about a dating service or some sort of meatloaf, you’re wrong. Mystery Meet is a monthly dining event happening in multiple cities across the US. It occurs every second Tuesday of the month, and there are five clues that are sent out about the restaurant for the month. The venue is only revealed a day before the actual event, so people who want to attend the event only have the clues to figure out exactly where they will be dining.

It’s really fun, a great way to try out some of the city’s best restaurants, and meet new people. Plus the food is always excellent. Some of my favorites include:

Margherita pizza from Pizzeria Posto in Somerville

Tea-smoked spare ribs from Myers + Chang in the South End

Wings of mass destruction from Hell Night at East Coast Grill in Inman Square, Cambridge

The first Mystery Meet for 2013 is scheduled for Tuesday, January 15th.  And if you guys come, you’ll be able to help me…


I can’t guarantee that there’ll be a birthday cake, but I can guarantee you that there’ll be a pretty fantastic dessert.

Mystery Meet dinners are always prix fixe dinners, and for January, we’ll have a 3-course dinner for $49. The January 2013 dinner will feature regional cuisine from the Piedmont & Valle D’aosta region of Italy, as well as wine pairings for an additional price. There’s also going to be a special appearance by the restaurant’s chef, so you guys can meet her/him. Sorry, I can’t give out any additional clues at this time, but trust me that it’s going to be good. And if you ask Seth Resler, Mystery Meet’s founder, nicely on Twitter, I bet he’ll give you some clues.

I hope some of you guys can make it! You can get your dining invitations and the event clues via email, but tickets are already available for pre-sale. There’s limited seating, so grab some soon.

I’m really psyched to celebrate my birthday with fellow foodies. I promise I won’t talk about cabbage!


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