Pimiento BLT and Pig of the Month

With a bounty of fresh heirloom tomatoes and crisp Boston lettuce from my neighborhood farmer’s market, I excitedly set out to make my lunch. A twist on an old favorite – this sandwich has creamy, garlicky pimiento cheese on a classic BLT.

I’ve been a big bacon fan for as long as I can remember. I love the crispy, salty, smoky strips glistening with oil. I love it with eggs, I love it in pasta, I love it on top of salads, but most of all, I love it in sandwiches. Especially in sandwiches with golden toasted bread and a generous smear of mayo.

But just this once, I decided to replace mayo with an even more indulgent spread: pimiento cheese, the cheese spread of my childhood.

Five ingredients make up a mouth-watering combination: multi-grain toast, thick juicy tomatoes, bright crisp lettuce, pimiento cheese spread, and good quality bacon.

The bacon is from a company that knows its pork products, Pig of the Month, an online retailer that specializes in barbecue and sides. The kind folks over there sent me a big box of samples, including two packs of bacon (Garden Herb Bacon and Applewood Smoked Bacon, which is what I used in the sandwich) and a whole bunch of other goodies:

bacon caramel cheddar popcorn, chocolate covered bacon, candied pecans, frittle (a combination of fudge and peanut butter brittle), and dark chocolate almond toffee

These treats are not for the faint of heart.  (Sorry if you have high cholesterol. Go eat some chia seeds instead.)

But back to the bacon sandwich.

This Pimiento BLT is one of those messy kinds of sandwiches. With each bite, your fingers will smush the toast. The juice from the tomatoes will drip on your plate. The bacon will crumble. And you might get a smear of pimiento cheese on your cheek.

It’s the best kind of sandwich.

Pimiento BLT

2 slices of your favorite bread
2 tablespoons of pimiento cheese
3 slices of bacon, cooked crisp
1 tomato, sliced thick
Boston (or Bibb) lettuce leaves

You know the drill. Toast two slices of your favorite bread (I am partial to multi-grain), slather on a tablespoon of pimiento cheese on each slice (it’s easy to make your own, or you can buy it already prepared), layer the lettuce, bacon, and tomato slices, slap it together, and enjoy.

Now THAT is what I call a good lunch.

If you want to try Pig of the Month, here’s a 15% off coupon code: SUMMERLUV

What’s your favorite sandwich?


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