Brunch Cruise at the Odyssey

Or – I’m On a Boat Again!

After being on the Odyssey for dinner last Friday, I was very lucky to be onboard again on Sunday, but this time for a brunch cruise. I was picked as one of fifteen Boston Brunchers to enjoy the brunch buffet. We were allowed to bring a guest and since my mom is visiting me, I brought her as my date. Brunch is one of my very favorite things to do during weekends, and our brunch experience at the Odyssey was really fun.

Here’s a photo recap:

while Friday night's cruise had gray views of Boston, our view during Sunday brunch was GORGEOUS

and did I mention there was a chocolate fountain?

The Odyssey had both brunch and lunch food items, but I ate mostly the brunch foods (these skillet potatoes were consumed with bacon and eggs)

there were french toast and waffles, but I didn't get to try them

because I wanted to save room for dessert

Dessert at brunch? Don’t mind if I do. Look at that red velvet cake. Look at the bottom two layers. There is a thin chocolate ganache layer in between the cake and the icing. Genius.

we were all very happy at the cruise

we went up the deck after eating to soak up the sun and ogle the views (that's the Boston Harbor Islands)

where my mom wanted to take multiple pictures of me :p

oh look another dessert spread

oh and cheese, lots of cheese

it was really nice spending a couple of hours on the water

my mom and I had a great time!

thanks again to Boston Brunchers for hosting the fabulous brunch at the Odyssey

Do you eat dessert with brunch? Have you ever had red velvet cake with chocolate in between the layers?


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